Click here to download the 2019 Junior Boys & Dixie Boys World Series Sponsorship Package

The 2019 Junior Boys and Dixie Boys World Series will be held at Citizens Park in Aiken, South Carolina. The City of Aiken through its Parks and Recreation Department is now seeking sponsorship for both the 2019 Junior Boys & Dixie Boys World Series.

As a World Series sponsor, your business will receive creative exposure and recognition in the Aiken area, as well as the states and cities participating in the World Series, and will be associated with the excellence that surrounds this tournament.

  • Community and Economic Impact – 24 Teams from 11 different states invest a great deal of money into the community and your business.
  • Affinity – Participants at the Dixie Boys and Junior Boys World Series show loyalty and frequently patronize sponsors of the tournaments.
  • Value – World Series sponsorships are well priced, giving you a definite return on your investment.
  • Marketing with the World Series works! Every business can use more customers. Marketing through the World Series provides a unique opportunity to build a loyal consumer base and bring more business through your doors.

The World Series will consist of 24 teams of 13 and 14 year old boys from 11 different states. Games will commence on August 3rd and the championship will take place August 7th, 2019. The World Series will last for five days and bring thousands of people to Aiken. While in Aiken these people will stay at our local hotels, shop at our local area businesses, and dine at our local area restaurants. Their main source of information about Aiken will be at the World Series itself, on the World Series website, and from the World Series program. Our projected economic impact for this tournament alone will be around $500,000 based on past cities hosting the same tournament with twenty-four teams of 13 and 14 year old boys.

For more information contact Citizens Park 803-642-7761