If a boil water advisory, according to SCDHEC POLICY, is issued for your area from the City of Aiken Department of Engineering and Utilites, this would imply that the water supply in your area may be contaminated. This advisory will occur in Aiken when a water main has to be shut off for repairs.

  • After the water service has been restored, The City of Aiken water plant personnel collects two samples from a flowing fire hydrant in the direct vicinity. The sampled fire hydrant may flow for up to 48 hours to help with the pressure and air issues. These samples have to be taken 24 hours apart. If the first sample is tested and shows no problems for 24hrs., then the Boil Water Advisory can be lifted.
  • During the Boil Water Advisory, water for hygiene use does not need to be boiled, brushing teeth, showering, etc. Please do not consume water during the advisory.


  • The first step to communicating a boil water advisory during a broken water main repair is to issue door hangers to the affected customers.
  • Following notification of a service interruption, a boil water advisory is posted on the City Engineering and Utilities Facebook channel ( @cityofaikenengineeringutilities ) and shared with the City’s Facebook ( @cityofaikensc ) and Twitter channel ( @cityofaikensc ). It is strongly suggested to follow these pages to be notified when a post or update occurs.
  • The City of Aiken also has the “City of Aiken Explorer” app. (For Android and iPhones), Push notifications will be sent out to registered users in the impacted areas.
  • Updates can also be found at Alerts and Advisories
  • Updates can also be found by call the Alert Hotline at 803-502-4843
  • The local media who follow the city channels will also broadcast water advisories in most situations.

City of Aiken Engineering and Utilities can be reached at 803-642-7617

Below are some tips for daily activities that may be affected by a Boil Water Advisory:

• Laundry
• Wash dishes with 1 tsp of bleach/air dry
• Water plants
• Wash hands with soap

Do Not’s
• Cook without boiling the water for at least 1 minute
• Use ice from an ice maker
• Give pets tap water
• Make infant formula with tap water ( bottled water is suggested)

For more on boiling water and consumption visit SCDHEC