16 MAR 2022

City of Aiken Engineering and Utilities Department Addresses Temporary Water Discoloration

AIKEN, SC – The City of Aiken had a water main break on Columbia Highway on Monday, March 14, 2022. This main break was on a larger water main which did not affect any residences in the area. It was able to be repaired without shutting the water system down or issuing a boil water advisory. However, this break has caused temporary residual water discoloration in the downtown area created by pressure loss.

The City of Aiken Engineering & Utilities Department has mobilized emergency crews to expedite clearing by flowing fire hydrants throughout the city. Water quality continues to be monitored during this process.

If you are experiencing any discoloration, we recommend running the cold water in the utility sink or bathtub for about five minutes until the water color appears clear. It is recommended that you wait for the water to become clear before using.

Under these conditions, even though the water is discolored and has some sediment, the water is still safe to use.

If you suspect that your water is unsafe, please call The City of Aiken Engineering & Utilities Department at 803.642.7617 or 803-642-7629 to prompt an investigation by our crews. Upon examination, if we suspect the water is not safe, we will issue a boil water alert and notify everyone as soon as possible through social media posts, the Aiken Explorer app, and on the City of Aiken website https://www.cityofaikensc.gov/recentalerts. You can also keep updated by calling the Alert Hotline at 803-502-4843.

Additional information about discolored water can be found here https://www.cityofaikensc.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Discolored-Water-Flyer.pdf

City of Aiken Engineering and Utilities Department
803.642.7617 or 803-642-7629