Aiken, SC– The City of Aiken Director of Engineering and Utilities Michael C. Przybylowicz alerts that we are on the edge of what could become a challenging drought period and urges all citizens to conserve water as much as possible. The City’s water supply has been operating at full capacity, pressures are below average, and water flow and usage have risen.

Voluntary conservation is the first alternative before the possibility of resorting to an odd and even watering schedule until there is some rain relief and recovery.

The Clemson Extension Service suggests people often over water, which can damage their lawns. Lawns typically need 1 -1 ¾ inch of water per week. In sandier soils, reduce usage but water twice a week and in heavier clay soils, intervals should be shortened to prevent runoff. Most lawns will show the need to water again. Signs of stress, such as a bluish-gray cast and rolled leaf blades, means it is time to water.

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