On Tuesday, June 11, 2018 at approximately 10:00am a sewer issue was reported by residents in the area of Sandhurst Place SW. Upon immediate investigation, wastewater was flowing onto the ground due to a tree falling on a small sanitary sewer pipe. The City of Aiken notified the Department of Health and Environment Control (DHEC) of the sanitary sewer release and utility crews immediately implemented emergency response actions to reduce flows to Calico Creek. This pipe collects and carries wastewater from 6 residential properties located in the area. Engineering and Utilities Department staff worked with outside Contractors and completed the necessary emergency work on June 19..

The discharge of sanitary sewer although unfortunate, was seemingly unavoidable. The response of Engineering and Utilities Department helped to ensure the health risk to residents and the impact to the Sand River was minimized to the extent practically feasible. The Department is currently undertaking several extensive rehabilitation, repair, and replacement projects for the sewer lines within the Sand River Drainage Basin. The City of Aiken takes the safety of residents, protection of their property, and stewardship to the environment very seriously. We appreciate the assistance and cooperation of the DHEC in responding to this event and working with us to correct the situation.

Contact: Michael C. Przybylowicz, Director of Engineering & Utilities – (803) 642-7610