With the announcement that the City is conducting an annual citizens survey, some residents have called to ask why. The reason that we conduct resident surveys is to get critical information from those that we serve, the citizens of the City of Aiken.

We have contracted with the University of South Carolina-Aiken to conduct the phone interviews using recognized professional standards in this random sample survey. We hope that you will take the time to respond to the survey if you get a call over the next few weeks.

We ask much from you in tax dollars each year and want to make sure that you have opportunities to tell us what you like or dislike about the programs and services offered by local government. Please tell us what you want to see reduced, expanded, eliminated or initiated. We will report back to you what the results are as soon as we receive them from the University. When we receive a baseline of information this year, we will continue to conduct a survey on an annual basis to track the results to continually improve our service delivery!