Don’t Waste Food SC is a collaborative campaign that brings together stakeholders from across the public and private sectors dedicated to sharing knowledge, coordinating resources and working together to help reduce food waste in South Carolina. Wasting food wastes resources. Through simple practices, these resources can be put to better use including feeding people in need, creating products and energy, diverting material from landfills and creating jobs.

The campaign is designed to:

  • increase the awareness of the economic, environmental and social impacts of wasted food; and
  • inspire individuals, businesses, schools, communities and others to take action through waste reduction, recovery and composting.

The goal of the campaign is to cut food waste in half in South Carolina by 2030.

To achieve this goal, the campaign provides outreach material, technical assistance, recommended practices and other tools to stakeholders across the supply chain. Stakeholders include food banks, food rescue organizations, faith-based communities, local and state government, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitality facilities, schools, composters, haulers and others.

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