Please be aware: it has recently come to our attention that a company known as Doxo, Inc., which is not affiliated with the City of Aiken, is using our logo, contact information and reputation to market its “for fee” online bill payment service to potential customers. The City of Aiken IS NOT in partnership with Doxo, Inc. and we have asked them to remove our logo from their website. Furthermore, we do not require that customers use Doxo’s services to pay our bills.

Customers can pay in our office at 135 Laurens St SW or by US Mail to PO Box 1608 Aiken, SC 29802. We have a drop box in the H.O. Weeks Center and behind our office at 135 Laurens St SW. Credit cards are only accepted inside our office at 135 Laurens St SW.

For more information please call 803-642-7603