Dr. Thomas Hallman

Aiken, S.C., (June 9, 2021) – The Aiken Municipal Development Commission (AMDC) unanimously voted June 8, 2021 to hire Dr. Thomas Hallman. He will serve the Commission and City staff as Program Manager, responsible for supporting the Commission by engaging the broader community, government agencies, organizations, and stakeholders in a broad coalition supportive of the City’s economic development objectives.

This will include the championing of multiple projects within the Master Plan, both those within the purview of the City and those outside the direct oversight of the Commission and City. He will be tasked with identifying appropriate individuals and organizations representing various aspects of the community, including, but not limited to, local government, the Aiken Corporation, the Aiken Chamber of Commerce, K-12 and higher education leadership, cultural, neighborhood, civic organizations, business and industry for inclusion in the implementation of the Economic Development Master Plan.

Keith Wood, Chairman of the AMDC, stated “we are delighted Dr. Hallman has accepted our offer to lead us in the successful implementation of the objectives outlined in the Master Plan recently produced and adopted by the City of Aiken. His knowledge of the plan, our community, and strategies needed for implementation is a perfect match for what we are looking for to ensure our vision is achieved for the City of Aiken.”

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to continue my work with the AMDC and this far-reaching economic development effort, said Dr. Hallman. It is a challenging and exciting task that holds great promise for our community today and in the future.”

About Dr. Thomas Hallman, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas L. Hallman is an executive with more than four decades of leadership experience in premier university environments, community organizations and corporate interactions. As the Chancellor and CEO of the University of South Carolina Aiken he led efforts resulting in national recognition, higher admissions standards, increased private support, and creative approaches to facilities development. He recently led the AMDC as a facilitator through its strategic planning process which included detailed analysis of the Master Plan.

About Aiken Municipal Development Commission

The AMDC is a nine-member board created to support the goals and objectives of the City of Aiken primarily related to economic development. Their mission includes creating new business opportunities and jobs as a partner and leader in private sector development and developing raising the bar to help the City move to the next level of economic and sustainable development.

About Economic Development Master Plan

AECOM was engaged by the City of Aiken, beginning in April of 2019, to assist in the development of this strategic economic development strategy. The primary aim was to provide a guide for actions that can be taken by a variety of organizations and stakeholders to bring growth, investment, and greater opportunity for existing and new residents. Building upon the wealth of information from the City’s previous studies, vision studies, and strategic plans. Recommendations include actions, strategies, and projects to address the City’s concerns, and build on Aiken’s previous groundwork. Many of the recommendations focus on establishing new partnerships between the City, the County, the Aiken Chamber of Commerce, major regional employers, and other key business, civic, and neighborhood organizations. Communication, cooperation, and collaboration are major themes that arise in the recommendations. Aiken City Council formally adopted the Economic Development Master Plan on March 22, 2021.