All utility conflicts have been coordinated and resolved. Repair work has progressed well ahead of schedule and more expeditious than we anticipated since March 25, 2019.
As of Today, April 18th,

  • All new drainage pipe and structures have been completely installed, downstream outfall protection has been complete, and back-fill operations to tie new slopes to existing topography continue and will continue over the next week or so.
  • To date almost 12,000 cubic yards of back-fill has been brought in to the site.
  • The installation of the new curb and gutter began on April 17, 2019, and approximately 100 linear feet of new curbing is installed at this time.
  • Curb and gutter work, including the construction of a new concrete flume, will continue through the early part of next week in preparation for asphalt paving, which is expected to take place late next week or early the following week.
  • The installation of guardrail and permanent grassing for the site have not been scheduled to date but will need to be complete prior to opening the road to traffic.

If weather will cooperate over the next couple of weeks or so, there is a strong possibility this project could be complete up to two weeks ahead schedule. Please understand that completing this project at the end of April or first week in May is an extremely aggressive schedule but it is also realistic if all goes well.