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City of Aiken Energy and Environmental Committee

The City of Aiken’s Energy and Environmental Committee gives support and direction to the Aiken City Council on current energy and environmental issues facing the city. The committee’s mission is to research, identify, and advise the Council on using cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy resources as well as environmental initiatives for growth and improved technologies for environmental protection.

Working with the Aiken City Public Services Department, the committee interacts with local businesses, residents, schools, community leaders, volunteers, and activist groups to utilize Earth Day Aiken as a city-wide festival to promote environmental stewardship.

The committee’s intent is to:

  • CELEBRATE: To bring the community together to celebrate the planet’s wonders and the city’s green heritage and recent initiatives.
  • INFORM: To promote and provide activities that demonstrate environmentally friendly practices for residents and visitors.
  • ADVOCATE: To serve as a launch pad for initiatives that help to realize ways we can improve our local environment and quality of life.
  • COORDINATE: To assist the citizens of Aiken in preserving the Earth’s resources and extend the reach of the Earth Day Aiken message throughout the year.

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