Are You in a Hole?

Living in an unincorporated area within the City of Aiken could mean that you are paying up to twice as much for city services

If you are living in an unincorporated area within the City of Aiken, commonly called a “doughnut hole,” you are paying up to twice as much for city services even after including city property taxes for your home and vehicle. You are missing out on other services, and you don’t have a voice in city government.

You could annex, pay city taxes and still save hundreds of dollars every year while receiving great new benefits and a voice in the government of the City of Aiken.

Living in one of these holes means you must rely on the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department, which stretches its resources across one of the state’s largest counties, for law enforcement instead of the city’s Public Safety, which assures faster response time. Living in a hole leaves you vulnerable.

Public Safety, Garbage/Recycling and Yard Debris pick up area only available to Aiken City residents. Other services are provided at a higher price to Aiken County residents.

How Can You Get Out of the Hole?

If your property is contiguous to city property, you can request to be annexed into the city. When you sell your property, if it is next to city property, city water and sewer policy requires the new owner to request annexation into the city, providing city services to the new owner.

Want to Know More?

You can locate your property via our GIS system to determine whether you are in an unincorporated hole, review a detailed cost comparison, and request to annex your property.