Parking and the possibility of a parking structure downtown will be the focus of a public meeting scheduled by the City of Aiken on April 12 at 5 p.m. The meeting will be held in City Council Chambers at the Municipal Building, 214 Park Ave. SW.

Aiken City Manager John Klimm said the April meeting will be the latest in a series of public meetings where hundreds of local residents have gathered information and offered input on the future of the City’s central district.

“We are now recommending that we start a new journey of public meetings starting with a major public hearing on the need for and the pros and cons of a parking garage in the downtown,” Klimm said during a recent City Council meeting. “For many years the issue of parking in the downtown has been raised. When we had our workshops last year, the number one issue raised was the matter of parking in the downtown and the challenge of how best to address the parking issue.”

Bihl Engineering of Charleston has conducted a parking study of Downtown over the last six months and will present its findings at the April 12 meeting. The firm has studied current parking and traffic concerns and also examined the impact of proposed new development in the area. Also during its survey, Bihl has evaluated six potential locations in the area to determine their suitability for a potential parking structure.

City Council will attend the session and it is open to the public. Comments from those in attendance will be accepted and are encouraged during the event.