City of Aiken Engineering & Utilities Department
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City of Aiken Engineering & Utilities Applications, Permits, and Forms

Any application, permit, or form that cannot be submitted online MUST be downloaded, completed in its entirety, and delivered in person to the Engineering & Utilities office.

As-Built Review Checklist

The City of Aiken As-Built Review Checklist aims to expedite the review process by providing a guideline for as-built submittal minimum requirements for developers.

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Grease Trap Standards

The City of Aiken Grease Trap Standards are a part of the Fat, Oil, and Grease Program. A copy of the standard grease trap is provided to engineers and developers for their use.

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Oil Water Separator

An oil water separator is a piece of equipment used to treat wastewater, making it safe to discharge into an approved discharge point. It removes oils, grease and hydrocarbons, leaving only the non-hazardous water. These are required at all facilities that have or could have waste that contains a high concentration of the any of those oil, grease, or hydrocarbons.

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Encroachment Permit Application

The City of Aiken Encroachment Permit Application is a request to the City of Aiken for permission to perform work (encroach) within City maintained Rights-Of-Way. An approved permit grants the customer encroachment permission according to the guidelines established within the permit.

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Standard Utilities Specifications

The City of Aiken Standard Utilities (Water & Sewer) Specifications are provided for any work done on the City of Aiken public utilities. All work on public facilities shall follow these specifications and details unless prior approval for deviation has been approved in writing from the Engineering and Utilities Department. In addition to the City of Aiken Specifications, all requirements from South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Controls (SCDHEC) shall be followed for all construction projects.

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Water and Sewer Notes

The City of Aiken Water and Sewer Notes are General notes that should be included on all project submittals to the City for any projects utilizing City of Aiken utility services. These notes are not to be altered and shall be provided on all construction plans.

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Additional Topics

  • After Hours Water Emergency (after 4:30pm & weekends)
  • Engineering Office
  • Utilities Installation & Repair Office
  • Water Billing & Service
  • Water & Sewer (and Water Emergencies)