25 OCTOBER 2021

AIKEN, SC – The City of Aiken is beginning a proactive tree care program starting November 1. The goals for the tree care project are to prune trees for optimum health and to address any safety issues. This includes removing dead, dying, or diseased trees if necessary. Trees will also be pruned above the roadways to allow for the safe passage of vehicles.

The work will begin at Newberry Street SW and progress eastward on the north and south sides of each block of Colleton Ave. Caution and detour signs could impact the area where the contractor is working to ensure safety for motorists and pedestrians.

This endeavor is part of the public and private initiative to preserve Aiken’s natural beauty. The City of Aiken has teamed up with Aiken Streetscapes and the Aiken Land Conservancy to make this much-needed proactive tree care possible.

Lex Kirkland, Director
City of Aiken Public Services