October 26th, 2020

The City of Aiken State Accommodations Tax Committee is hosting a meeting to discuss the upcoming 2021-2022 funding cycle at Odell Weeks, Room 2, on Thursday, November 10th at 9 AM.

All current and future State Accommodations Tax Grant applicants are required to attend. The following items will be reviewed at the meeting:

1. Reimbursement requirements for digital media
2. COVID related questions

A copy of the ATAX handbook will be provided to each attendee. If you have any specific questions prior to the meeting, please contact Mary Rosbach, Tourism Supervisor, at 803-644-1902 or mrosbach@cityofaikensc.gov. Please confirm your attendance by Friday, November 6th.


Mary Rosbach – Tourism Supervisor
(803)644-1902 | mrosbach@cityofaikensc.gov