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City of Aiken Tax Calculation

To calculate your City of Aiken taxes on Real Property, you must have the appraised value from the Aiken County Assessor’s Office. Real property is taxed at 4% for home-owner occupied and 6% for commercial and non-occupied/rental property. Your appraisal times the correct tax rate gives you your assessment on the property.Please note the assessment is always rounded to the nearest tenth. The assessment times the millage rate (66 mills would be multiplied by .066, 120 mills would be multiplied by .120, etc.) gives you the annual property tax due. See the following example:

This example will appraise a home owner occupied property at $100,000. With this amount we will multiply the Real property percentage which is set to 4%. By doing so, this will give us a Equals Assessment amount of $4000.

Now take the Equals Assessment amount and multiply that amount with the current millage rate which is currently at 60 mills.

Our Equals Taxes Due will come to $248

$100,000 X 4% = $4000.00 x .060 = $240.00

X 4% = $0 x .060 = $0

If you do not have the official assessment, you may use this same formula to estimate taxes due based on the data you have access to such as selling price, other appraisals, etc,.