The City of Aiken, South Carolina Department of Public Safety and nCourt, an Atlanta-based government technology company, have entered into a partnership that provides users with the ability to use credit or debit cards to pay fines and fees 24/7 online. The City of Aiken Department of Public Safety has never had the ability to take online payments before. Citizens can also choose to pay over the phone via nCourt’s unique live call center.

Aiken Department of Public Safety Chief Charles Barranco said, “The ability to pay court fines through the use of credit/debit cards is a huge benefit to our users. We envision even more innovations in the future.”

The interface with the city’s case management system was developed by Wes Funderberg of the city’s Information Technology department, and it works seamlessly with nCourt’s payment system, providing the key integration the City required.

It works very easily. Individuals wishing to make a payment can visit nCourt’s website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The convenient, easy-to-use website accepts credit and debit card payments. Transactions are confirmed promptly, ensuring payment completion and avoiding potential delays or additional penalties. Citizens can also make card payments by calling (855) 839-6009 where they are guided through the payment process by live, bilingual, Atlanta-based customer service professionals. Users can also choose to pay in person, using card swipe readers located at the courthouse.

While a nominal payment fee is charged by nCourt to offset operating expenses, the state-of-the-art system provides citizens with a convenient payment option – allowing them to avoid traveling to the courthouse, locating available parking and waiting in line to make their payment.

“We are excited to partner with the City of Aiken Department of Public Safety in servicing the needs of its citizens,” said Steve Daves, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at nCourt. “By simplifying the payment process and minimizing the workload faced by Court staff, nCourt and the city provide a convenient service to the public. With our unparalleled live, bilingual call center, nCourt is the vendor of choice in the card payment industry.” Daves added, “There is no cost to the City of Aiken for any of our services, and no risk either, as nCourt guarantees all payments collected by absorbing chargebacks and NSFs.”