Meter Change Out Program Update: As of August 30, 2017, we have 15,126 new e-series meters installed in the ground (including new construction). We have 21,176 meters in our system. We still have 2,100 meters that are over 10 years old in the ground. When we started this project, approximately 15,000 were planned to be replaced. We have replaced more than the original number because that figure was determined in 2013. Each year, we will have the meters that have surpassed their ten year life that require changing. We currently have one temporary worker from Manpower devoted to changing the last of the “original” list. These are, of course the ones that are hard to find, need to be uncovered, or are directly connected to the homeowner’s side. Other staff also install meters when they are changing service lines or performing other service orders that require a new meter. We have concentrated on the 5/8×3/4” and one inch meters so far in the process. The larger size meters will require more time to change and coordination with the occupants. If a large meter stops reading, we change it out with assistance from Public Works. The larger commercial size meters will not be replaced with the e-series because they are not available over two inches. Some of the largest meters will be refurbished with new internal parts, as needed.

Park Avenue Parkway: Phase 2 Improvements are making progress!  There have been several meetings that have included City staff, SCE&G, and Cold Creek Nursery, with the following new developments:

  • Public Works Grounds Division has planted two (2) rain gardens.  Once blooming season arrives, we will be able to see the beautiful, colorful plants.
  • SRD, Inc. was selected as the low bidder to bore for installation of the conduit so that SCE&G can run the lines for the lighting.  Boring operations began on Tuesday, September 5th and should be completed September 6th or early morning September 7th.  Once the bore is completed, SCE&G will schedule to install the light poles and fixtures.
  • Cold Creek Nursery is ready to lay out the center line on the walk and take measurements during the week of September 18th after the bore has been completed.  The edging is already in.

Commercial Projects Update: The following commercial projects are under construction:

  • KFC paint/clean remodel – 1406 Richland Avenue W
  • Rebuild burned apartment building – 3 Nancy Lane
  • Tiffany Office Suites building – 511 Grier Court
  • Discount Tire – 2286 Whiskey Road
  • Law office Braithwaite/Boni 2nd floor build out – 759 Richland Avenue W
  • Medical office space remodel – 410 University Parkway
  • Demo of bank building for Discount Tire – 2289 Whiskey Road
  • CMI office expansion for physical therapy space – 399 Silver Bluff Road
  • Panda Express – 1065 Pine Log Road

The following permit applications have been received and are under review:

  • Wellness Center fitness area expansion into Suite 1200-440 Society Hill Drive

The following plans have been received and are under review:

  • Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – 1907 Pawnee Street

The following commercial projects received their Certificate of Occupancy

  • Dr. Eubanks Dentistry office building – 174 Crepe Myrtle Drive
  • Aiken ENT remodel/addition – 170 University Parkway
  • Moe’s renovation of dining area/restrooms – 1500 Whiskey Road
  • Anchor Health & Rehab addition – 550 East Gate Drive


Ms. Debbie Tam sent an email to Parks and Recreation Director Jessica Campbell stating that as a tennis player, she wanted the City to know how much she appreciates the hard work they do in making the Odell Weeks Tennis Center one of the nicest facilities in South Carolina. The front desk clerk Beth Nolan, always greets her with a welcoming smile, and does an excellent job, all with a positive attitude.

Ms. Sharon Williams sent a message to Museum Coordinator Lisa Hall saying she could not thank her enough for all her efforts, hard work, and dedication preparing the Exhibit of James Smiley in honor of her Dad. The exhibit was very special to her. She stated it brought tears to her eyes. Everyone really enjoyed the visit to Aiken, the birthplace of her parents.  The exhibit was truly the highlight of the Smiley family reunion.

Mo Garcia & Keith Shaver, tournament directors for the Palmetto Doubles Invitational Pickleball Tournament sent an email to Athletic Manager Pam Royal stating their appreciation for the support provided by her organization during the tournament. They stated Ms. Royal was very new to the job and from our first meeting she jumped right in to help. They could not have been more pleased with Athletic Program Supervisor Seth Holley’s contribution. He was committed to their success. He anticipated what required his attention and things got done. The were was also impressed with Facility Assistant Preston Dawson. They also thanked Parks Manager Jeff Metz and his maintenance team for all the work they performed. They did there job so well that they were hardly noticed. Things were set up properly and required modification happened on time. Everything was clean first thing each morning even though they arrived very early. The dinner was great. They stated Ms. Royal’s support group handled things very well and they heard many positive comments. Secretary Brie Campbell was great. Many of the transactions done just before the tournament for the clinics, lessons, Pro/Am, and dinner were done manually and Brie handled them efficiently with her usual pleasant manner.

Ms. Merry Glenne Piccolino, Director of Communications for the Aiken County School District, send an email thanking Business Vitality Manager John McMichael for providing “Ambassador Training” (a.k.a. customer service training) for the school district. She stated he was personable, relatable and down-to-earth; both sessions were very well received by all participants. She stated that Mr. McMichael’s training is part of ongoing efforts to encourage a collaborative culture in Aiken County Public Schools. It had been some time since employees who work in the district and school’s front offices and answer phone calls were offered a professional learning opportunity. She thanked him for helping empower these valuable employees to serve as the best possible “ambassadors” for Aiken County Public Schools through a professional development opportunity designed just for them. She stated she greatly appreciated the partnership in leading this training and are hopeful that you’d be willing to offer the same to additional groups of employees in the future.

Upcoming City Events to add to your calendars:

Tuesday, September 12th at 6:00pm: The Planning Commission will hold its regular monthly meeting in Council Chambers, Second Floor of the Municipal Building, 214 Park Ave., SW.  A work session will be in Room 204 at 5:00pm.

Wednesday, September 13th at 10:00am: Aiken Corporation’s Executive Committee will meet in Room 204 of the Municipal Building, 214 Park Ave., SW.

Monday, September 25th at 7:00pm: The next regularly-scheduled City Council meeting will be held in Council Chambers, Second Floor of the Municipal Building, 214 Park Ave., SW.