The following is a general list of uses desired and not desired in Aiken’s Downtown as the City looks to expand economic development in the central business district. The City of Aiken will hold a public forum Tuesday July 11 in the Municipal Conference Center to discuss proposed Downtown revitalization projects and questions of desired use will be among the topics discussed.

Downtown Retail Use Suggestions

Full Service Food


Culinary Co-op

Specialty Food & Beverage

Grocery W/Deli

Convenience – Specialty

Piano Bar


Wine Shop

Rooftop Bar

Coffee Shop


Clothing Stores

Clothing and Accessories

Shoe Store

Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods / Bike Shop


Tack & Saddlery Shop (Equestrian)

Health & Personal Care

Drug Store

Health Store

Bath & Body


News Stand

Children’s Museum

Book Store

Other Museum’s

Comedy Club

Variety “Logo” Store

Cinema – Indie Films


Fitness Day Spa

Blacksmith/Metal Artisan

Harmony Park

Artisan W/ Retail

Culturally Diverse Retail

Wireless Communications


Minority Owned Business

18 Hour Shops

Child Care

Pedal Parlor

Mixed Use

Garden Shop

Water Refill Station

Charging Station

Urban Garden

Incubator Artisan Space

Downtown Retail Not Recommended

Loan Companies

Auto Service/Parts

Tattoo Parlor

Government Owned Gift Shops

Head Shop

Chains (National)

Discount General

Religious/ Institutional