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City of Aiken Cloud Streaming 

Did you know that the City of Aiken now is streaming to Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire and that it is just a click away?

The City’s Media and Communications Division is proud to announce the launch of the brand new streaming channel “4Aiken” on October 10, 2022. The channel will be available on AppleTV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, utilizing the TELVUE CloudCast platform. 

As video viewership trends towards streaming devices and on-demand applications, the City of Aiken wants to ensure citizens can access important information through streaming services. 4Aiken audiences will be able to watch video content that includes: “City Talk,” City Events, City Information, Aiken City Council meetings and other public meetings, public service announcements, and emergency information (including updates to road closures, boil water advisories and more) via an alert across the top of the live feed, job openings, city and recreation events, community spotlight, and Aiken Department of Public Safety information. Real-time weather will also be displayed. 

The instructions to viewing 4 Aiken on streaming platforms can be found on this page.

• At the “Home” Screen, scroll down and
click the “Search” tab Type in “4Aiken”
• In the results, click the icon that reads
• You can then click “Add channel” to save
it to your “Home” screen or click “Go to
channel” to start viewing the channel.

Amazon Fire TV
• At the “Home” Screen, scroll over and click the “Search” bar Type in “4Aiken”
• In the results, click the icon that reads
“4Aiken” under Apps & Games.
• Click “Get-Free to download” to add the
channel to Amazon Fire TV.
• Once installed, you can now open the
app or access it through “Your Apps &
Channels” on the “Home” screen.

Apple TV
• Open the App Store app.
• Browse or search for “4Aiken”
• Select the “Get” button on the app description page.
• Note: AppleTV+ does not support the channel