Sewer Pipes Rehabilitation/Contractor Schedule

Sewer Pipes Rehabilitation/Contractor Schedule

The City of Aiken is working with contractors on an exciting project to clean, video, inspect and rehabilitate 45 miles of clay sanitary sewer pipes in and around the downtown area. This area is known as the Sand River Basin. You will see the large, black trucks all around downtown as we move forward with all of the improvements.

Hampton Avenue Sidewalk Project Progress

The City of Aiken has contracted with First Construction Management to install approximately 1 mile of sidewalk along the north side of Hampton Avenue.

Update on City of Aiken Utility E-Notifications

The City of Aiken experienced an issue with our E-bill software that resulted in the monthly statement not being attached to the notification. Be assured that efforts are underway to resolve this matter as quickly as possible, and regret any inconvenience experienced by our customers.