City of Aiken Revitalization Project

Downtown revitalization takes initiative, courage, and vision to look at what makes for a vibrant, walkable, livable center that fosters community vibrancy while creating economic opportunity. Aiken is no different. Our history of downtown revitalization is strong and the City stands ready to face the next chapter of downtown development.

This initiative is not the only step in continuing to infuse more vitality into our already successful community. The City will be working with partners to explore the revitalization of our Parkways. Like Savannah’s squares and Charleston’s Battery; Aiken’s Parkways are the signature of our City. We are excited about the prospects of exploring new ways to keep them beautiful while making them more accessible to our citizens and visitors.

The goal of the first phase of Aiken’s Revitalization Project is to:
  • Recruit a quality development team to work with the City to purchase and to redevelop the City’s property at 135 Laurens Street with ground floor retail and upper floor residential uses.
  • Rehabilitate the present Municipal Building on Park Avenue into and consolidated City Hall with both public and private sector uses.
  • Work with the private sector on one of the premier blocks in the downtown area, built on the present Anderson and Shah properties on Richland and Newberry Streets, to include retail on the ground level, a municipal parking garage and housing above. This final initiative represents a singular opportunity to capitalize on the soon to be restored Hotel Aiken and will be a prime component in furthering the prosperity of the downtown.