In an effort to create a better and sustainable relationship with youth, Aiken Department of Public Safety created a Junior Citizen’s Academy back on June 24, 2019. In the August 12 City Council Meeting, the first graduating participants were recognized.

One of the goals is to change the perception of youth towards Public Safety Officers by interacting with the community in a non-Law Enforcement capacity. The Junior Citizen’s Academy exposed the participants to Basic Patrol Functions, SRT demonstrations, Fire Control Tactics, Investigation Techniques, and several other Public Safety operations. Youth gained a better understanding and respect for not just Aiken Department of Public Safety, but Law Enforcement as a whole.

At times perception becomes a reality, but by changing the perception of Law Enforcement, Aiken Public Safety will be able to make great strides towards advancing its Mission:
“…maintaining our commitment to integrity, transparency, and professionalism in order to create and maintain partnerships with our community.”

The Junior Citizen’s Academy not only impacted our participants, but its rippled effect touched the lives of our presenters, volunteers, and the families of our Junior Citizen’s Academy Graduates.

Aiken Public Safety is proud of the promising beginning and introduction of the Junior Citizen’s Academy and looks forward to an even better program next year.