The City of Aiken Business License Department would like to remind all citizens about the need for companies or individuals working inside the city limits to purchase a business license. There are several ways you may do this:

• Contact us at 803-642-7642 or by e-mail at to verify the company or person you wish to hire is currently licensed to work inside the City of Aiken. If you live outside the city, you may contact the Better Business Bureau at 706-210-7617 to see if any complaints are filed against a particular company.

• Ask the business owner or individual for a copy of a City or State license. You may also want to verify insurance coverage, worker’s compensation coverage, or similar information to protect yourself and your property.

• For all contractors, landscapers, and other service companies look for a decal on their windshield showing they are licensed by the City of Aiken. These decals are renewed each year with the business licenses and change colors to keep the years separate. The current year decals are purple and have on the bottom Expires on June 30, 2019.

Even though a license is not a guarantee of the quality of work, it does show a company is trying to operate legally and has met the requirements to obtain a license. It also provides a tracking source to be able to contact the company in the future. Protect yourself and your property, check out anyone you are planning to do business with prior to signing any contracts. If someone tells you they are licensed, but cannot produce a copy or tells you they are not required to have a license, please verify this with us as there are very few exemptions under the City’s License Ordinance.

We are here to serve and assist you, so please feel free to contact our department if you have any questions or need further information.