Aiken, SC – The City of Aiken has been recommended as a top vacation spot for caregivers in an article published by

According to CNN reporter, Forrest Brown’s article titled Is a vacation for a caregiver even possible? Yes — here’s your new way to ‘travel’, Brown wrote: “vacations are one way we take care of ourselves when your life becomes engulfed in a loved one’s long-term medical crisis.” His simple method to caretakers like himself was just changing the way he thought by exploring short trips within 200 miles of his Atlanta home.

In the article, a photo of downtown Aiken captioned “A statue in downtown Aiken, South Carolina, reflects the town’s rich equestrian heritage. I explored downtown on November 25, 2018, for about an hour while hometown visitors sat with my mother. I think this is one of South Carolina’s nicest downtown areas,” Brown wrote. Also mentioned in the article was how he discovered the beauty of South Boundary Avenue.