We thank and recognize our Poet Laureate, Joan M. Lacombe, for her latest poem celebrating the upcoming New Year.

January Dilemma

Greetings New Year 2018
We are ready to face your challenges unseen.

You have given us 365 blank pages
On which to record our life’s stages.

Our good deeds to record
Our goal is to claim an eternal reward.

If perchance we should falter
Our behavior we promise to alter.

Writing each day our wisdom to impart
A book in the making? ¬†— Well, it is a start.

We all have our stories to tell
Come December we may have a novel to sell.

But, if midyear or later our diligence starts to wane
Come next January we will strive to try all over again!

With 2018 in our sight
Maybe this will be the year we get it “just right!”