The City of Aiken, in conjunction with, Aiken County and the SCDOT (South Carolina Department of Transportation), maintains and keeps all of our streets and roads within City limits accessible. Contrary to most beliefs, the City of Aiken does not maintain all roads within city limits.

Developers, the county, the state, or private entities dedicate roads and Streets within the city to us. This is a process and does go through several stages for approval, including final approval from City Council.

If the city of Aiken makes a utility repair on a road, they are responsible for repairing that road to its previous condition and vice versa for the state, the county and private entities. Potholes also fall within these guidelines. Shopping center parking lots and apartment complexes fall within private property. Another interesting fact, most stormwater piping on said roads also belongs to the road owner. There can be exceptions to this rule.

If you seek to know who owns a particular road, please click on the button provided to access a Street Ownership Map.

Once you determine street ownership, if you would like to report a problem you can click on the corresponding link below:

City of Aiken:


Aiken County:

Private:  Contact the Homeowners Association or Property Manager