A state law passed in May 2010, and became effective July 1, 2011, makes it illegal for people to knowingly discard electronic waste (e-waste) such as computers, monitors, printers, televisions, cell phones, VCRs, and other electronics in any waste stream that will be disposed of in a solid waste landfill. It. The same law requires manufacturers to provide a recovery program for these items.
However, the City of Aiken has been addressing e-waste collections for the past 18 months. Beginning Jan. 1, 2010, The City began picking up e-waste and other environmentally hazardous materials for free. In addition to worn-out electronics, made with heavy metals and toxic organic compounds that can contaminate groundwater, the City will also pick up motor oil, tires, paint, and car batteries for free. To have your e-waste, or any of the other specialty items picked up, call Public Services at (803) 642-7613. They will schedule a pick up for you and tell you what day to have your items out by the street for removal.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has a list of manufacturer recovery programs at: http://www.scdhec.gov/environment/lwm/recycle/e-cycle/takeback_programs.htm