AIKEN, SC – The City of Aiken’s new public-private initiative between the Aiken Streetscapes Foundation, the Aiken Land Conservancy, the City of Aiken, and a private donor, grants the opportunity for Bartlett Tree Experts to begin pruning trees strategically on South Boundary beginning Nov 2. The estimated time of completion is approximately ten days.

Public-private initiatives have long been a part of Aiken’s history. The magnificent live oak trees bordering South Boundary Avenue and the parkways in the city center are just two examples of how Aiken’s leaders, both elected and private citizens, have recognized the need to work together to enhance the natural amenities which make our lovely city so special and attractive today.

The estimated asset value for Aiken’s trees was over $130 million—a sum certainly worth protecting. The City of Aiken, Aiken Streetscapes, and Aiken Land Conservancy are excited about the management plan with Bartlett Tree Experts, who provided the city with a detailed overview and management plan from a comprehensive study in 2017.


Project Progress