Take Care When Trimming Crape Myrtles

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You should never ‘stump cut’ or top a crape myrtle – Tom Rapp, City Horticulturist

Fall is the time when many of us trim our trees and shrubs. Each particular plant needs specific care. Around Aiken we have many crape myrtles and they are a significant part of our beautiful landscape. We need to keep in mind when caring for crape myrtles that they are trees, not bushes or shrubs, according to City Horticulturist Tom Rapp. He explains that you only need to trim limbs that are crossing within the canopy of the tree. “You should never ‘stump cut’ or top a crape myrtle”, says Rapp. He also reminds us that the City’s zoning ordinance describes the proper care and maintenance of all trees around the City. This ordinance does not apply to the maintenance of trees on single family residential lots, which are exempt from this requirement. If you have any questions about proper care of trees, please call Tom Rapp at (803) 642-7704. For questions about the tree maintenance requirements in our zoning ordinance, call our Planning Department at (803) 642- 7608.

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