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City of Aiken Lost & Found Pets

Losing a member of your pet family is a very stressful and upsetting event. Try to stay focused and organized about the steps you need to take in locating your pet. Do not give up hope as some animals will go missing for weeks, months and even years before they are found. If you are a resident in the city the first step in finding your lost pet is to call the Animal Division immediately. You will need to provide as much information as possible to help us in the identification of your pet including registration (license) number. It is also a good idea to immediately notify the many local animal shelters such as the Aiken SPCA and the Aiken County Animal Shelter. If you find a pet, please do not assume that it has been abandoned or abused. Many times pets have gone missing for long periods of time and may appear neglected or scared. They could have been stolen from their rightful owners and have gotten away weeks or even months later in a completely different area from which they were taken.

If you have lost a pet

If your pet is wearing ID with your phone number on it, make sure you are available to answer your phone.

Search the neighborhood surrounding your home as your pet may not have traveled far. Ask your neighbors, postal carriers, and delivery drivers if they have seen an animal matching your pet’s description.

Visit the Aiken SPCA as soon as possible as the City uses the facility as a drop off point for found animals.

If your pet is registered with the city, call and confirm that your information is current and inform us of any additional contact phone numbers.

Continue checking with area shelters daily

Make “Lost Pet” flyers with a picture of your pet and post them around your neighborhood and bulletin boards in the local grocery stores and feed stores. Include your pets name, the date and area you are missing your pet from. Make tabs at the bottom of your sign with your name and phone number in between cut dotted lines.

Check with local Veterinarians to see if someone has brought in a found pet.

Advertise in the lost pet section of the local newspapers and check the found pets column.

There are many sites on the internet you can check. Just type in “Lost Pets” or “Missing Pets” on your favorite search engine.

If you have found a pet

For your safety, do not attempt to catch a scared pet or try to stop traffic when a pet is running in the road as you may be bitten by the pet or hit by oncoming cars. Call Animal Control at (803) 642-7620 as our officers are trained to handle scared pets and have the emergency lighting to warn oncoming cars of the hazard.

If you have a found pet in your possession contact us so that one of our officers can pick the pet up (in city only) and take the pet to the Aiken SPCA. Animal Control officers are trained to handle all kinds of animals and provide the care needed to keep them safe while waiting for their owner.

During the investigation of finding the owners of the pet the Aiken SPCA will examine the pet for any medical conditions. If the pet needs medical care, a veterinarian will care for it.

If the pet has ID or a microchip our officers will contact the owner by phone daily or mail a letter if contact cannot be made by phone. An officer will also be sent out to the address if contact is not made or the owner fails to show.

If the owner does not claim the pet, it can be adopted through the Aiken SPCA or be rescued from any of the rescue organizations working with the Aiken SPCA. Unfortunately, if the owner does not claim the pet and a rescue or adopter does not want the pet, then Aiken SPCA may need to euthanize. The Aiken SPCA will hold a pet as long as possible before euthanizing.

If you are concerned about the outcome of a pet that you have found, you can request the animal id number and follow up on its condition. Simply ask for its animal id number from the officer picking the pet up or the office staff when you drop the pet off . You can contact the Aiken SPCA and ask to be put on the list to adopt the pet at the end of the stray period. You can also call the shelter on the 5th day to see if the owner has claimed the pet. If you know of someone who would like to adopt it, have them call the Aiken SPCA with the animal id number and be put on the adoption list.