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City of Aiken Pet Microchip Service

A pet microchip creates a forever bond between you and the pet you love and the City of Aiken Animal Control Division offers microchips for dogs and cats for only $15. The primary benefit of microchip implantation in pets is the increased chance of reunification of lost or stolen animals with their owners. Below are few commonly asked questions and answers about microchips and animals:
What is a microchip?
A microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice. The microchip itself does not have a battery—it is activated by a scanner that is passed over the area, and the radio waves put out by the scanner activate the chip. The chip transmits the identification number to the scanner, which displays the number on the screen.
How is a microchip implanted into an animal?
It is injected under the skin using a hypodermic needle. It is no more painful than a typical injection, although the needle is slightly larger than those used for injection. No surgery or anesthesia is required.
What kind of information is contained in a microchip?
The microchips presently used in pets only contain identification numbers. No, the microchip cannot track your animal if it gets lost. Although the present technology microchip itself does not contain your pet’s medical information, some microchip registration databases will allow you to store that information in the database for quick reference.
More information about microchips and animals can be found at The American Veterinary Medical Association’s website at