Doing Business with the City of Aiken

111 Chesterfield St. S • Aiken, SC 29801 • 803-642-7654

Doing Business with the City of Aiken

NOTE! Contractors and Vendors working with the City of Aiken MUST provide proof of a valid City Business License, Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance coverage.

The City of Aiken is committed to an open, fair relationship with vendors. Therefore, we have adopted a Procurement Code and provided this brochure that outlines our competitive bid process. Also, for certain circumstances, competition may not be as formal or may not be required. You can find our complete city procurement code – from the bid process to sale of surplus property – in Sections 2-331 through 2-348 of the City Code. [See also Ordinance Number 03272000A]

City Council has also established a Local Vendor Purchasing Preference to encourage local vendors to do business with the City of Aiken.

For additional information, contact the Purchasing Coordinator at 803-642-7787.