Garbage, Recycling, & Yard Debris
250 Dupont Dr NW • Aiken, SC 29801 • 803-642-7613

City of Aiken Garbage and Household Waste

Please help us provide efficient service by following the below guidelines:

  • Have roll carts at the edge of the street, ready for pickup, by 7:00 a.m.
  • Roll carts are to be placed at the edge of the street with the handle facing the resident’s home. When positioned correctly it will be natural to open the lid from the street and not from the yard.
  • Keep at least 3 feet of clearance between your roll cart and any other item(s) including additional roll carts.
  • Please remove containers from the edge of the street within 24 hours of pickup.
  • If residents have more garbage than will fit into the roll cart, it must be bagged and placed beside the roll cart at the street. Residents who consistently have bags outside the roll cart will be required to purchase an additional roll cart(s). Excessive or consistent bags outside of the roll carts will result in additional charges. Please call 803-642-7613 to purchase an additional roll cart.

Trash and household waste are collected in City-provided containers. The City of Aiken offers a special collection service for the removal of some items that either do not belong in a roll cart or that will not fit in a roll cart. Examples of items that do not belong in a roll cart: chemicals, car batteries, televisions, computer monitors, cell phones, medical waste, prescription drugs, large metal items, boat motors, grills, paint, etc.

If your garbage and recycling was not put out and you need it to be picked up, please contact us at 803-642-7613. As resources allow, we will make additional trips to service the role carts for an additional fee.

The City of Aiken strives to provide solutions should you experience issues or complications with our services. Please contact us at 803-642-7613 if you need additional assistance or clarification.