City of Aiken Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

How CDBG funds help us

The community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program was enacted into law as part of the 1974 Housing Act and began operations in 1975. It is an entitlement program that provides grant to eligible jurisdictions to utilize in devising flexible and comprehensive neighborhood strategies to prevent physical, economic, and social deterioration in lower-income neighborhoods.

The City of Aiken has been designated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as an Entitlement Community. This means that each year the City of Aiken is able to receive a small allocation of CDBG funds directly from HUD.

To best utilize these limited dollars, the City of Aiken develops a five year comprehensive plan to identify community needs. Each year staff and the Community Development Committee recommend to the City Council how to best use CDBG funds to address the needs of low and moderate income neighborhoods.

Housing – Emergency Repair

Funds for this program are an outright contribution from the City to Owner. The City grants these funds for emergency repairs, made available through the Community Development Block Grant Program to income eligible home owners, for required emergency home repairs. This program is not intended for major renovations; it is for documented emergency repairs only.


The City of Aiken anticipates major streetscape improvements under the Northside Plan to improve the neighborhood’s public image, including new sidewalks, landscaping, trees, street lighting and calming measures, to beautify the area and enhance public safety.

Lot Clean Up

This activity involves demolishing dilapidated structures and clearing vacant lots in low-income neighborhoods.


Volunteers Inspiring Citizens To Organize Restoration of Yards (VICTORY), assists residents in low to moderate income neighborhoods clean their yards. If your yard is over powered by weeds or debris, and/or your yard has been cited with a City Code Violation, if you qualify, assigned volunteers will help restore your yard to a well-trimmed, neatly cut area that will last for weeks. VICTORY does not plant flowers, grass, shrubbery, weed gardens nor maintain your yard. This is your opportunity for a fresh start on a well groomed yard.

Porch Light Program

Porch Light Replacement Program is designed for the purpose of improving lighting in targeted northside neighborhoods to improve safety by discouraging crime and encourage neighbors to look out for one another. Under this program, persons who own their homes may qualify for a grant to have a solar sensitive porch light installed under the guidelines of the program.

Housing Counseling

The City of Aiken provides counseling and homebuyer education information to assist both prospective low and moderate income homebuyers and to persons who have successfully purchased a home through one of the City’s programs.

Neighborhood Initiatives

Through a Matching Grant Program, various qualifying neighborhood associations can obtain funds for projects within their neighborhoods.

New Housing Development

The City’s partnership with CDIC, a Community Housing Development organization designated by the South Carolina Housing Finance and Development Authority enabled them to obtain Housing Development funds so that infrastructure improvements can be made. The City of Aiken also developed and built new homes, and purchased vacant lots within the community.

Lot Acquisition

This project involves purchasing lots in order to construct affordable housing for low and moderate income families under the Northside Plan.

For more information about these services, call 803-642-7606.