Stormwater Management

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City of Aiken Stormwater Regulatory Documents / Permit Guidelines

MS4 Permit – MS4-NPDES\012014_SMS4_Permit SCR030000

SWMP – NPDES Stormwater Management Plan 2022
Appendix A: City of Aiken Stormwater Management and Related Ordinances
City of Aiken Stormwater Ordinance

Appendix B: Permit Activity Documentation Procedures
O&M for Private PC BMPs
Construction Inspection Form

Appendix C: Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Procedures
City of Aiken Illicit Discharge Ordinance
Illicit Discharge Dectection-Elimination ERP

Appendix D: TMDL Monitoring and Assessment Plan:
FINAL City of Aiken TMDL Implementation Plan

Appendix E: Enforcement Response Plan
Illicit Discharge Dectection-Elimination ERP
Construction enforcement response plan flowchart

City of Aiken Illicit Discharge Ordinance: City of Aiken Illicit Discharge Ordinance
Enforcement Response Plan: Illicit Discharge Dectection-Elimination ERP
BMP Manual for Design Professionals: Aiken Stormwater Design Manual