Stormwater Management

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City of Aiken Stormwater Fees

  • The Storm water fee is based on lot size
  • 1.0 Equivalent Residential Unit (1 ERU) is charged the fee of $7.90/month
  • One ERU represents a home on a lot with an area between 10,000 ft² and 1 acre


Lots < 10,000 ft² = .75 ERU

Lots ≥ 10,000 ft² and ≤ 1 acre = 1.0 ERU

Lots > 1 acre = 1.25 ERU

Apartments = .75 ERU / unit

The minimum Storm Water charge for a residential home is .75 ERU


Each commercial property or business is assigned an ERU value based on the size of the property and the ratio of GREEN SPACE (pervious acreage) and HARD SPACE (impervious acreage). There is a formula that is used by the Engineering Dept. to calculate the ERU for each business. Stores in plazas on single parcels of land have their fee based on their square footage of space compared to the plaza as a whole. It is best to contact the Engineering Dept. for special situations. A minimum of 1.0 ERU is charged for a business. (Schools, churches, tracks, and golf courses are calculated on HARD SPACE only.)

The minimum amount of GREEN SPACE that is allowed at a new commercial site is 20% of the total lot’s acreage. An example of the formula used to calculate the ERU for a 4 acre commercial lot is as follows:

[(4 acres x 20 % green) x 1.3] + [(4 acres x 80% hard) x 5.7] = 19.28 ERU

19.28 ERU x $5.42/1 ERU =$104.50 /month for their stormwater fee