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City of Aiken Comprehensive Plan Update

Plan Aiken

The City of Aiken’s Comprehensive Plan serves as the foundational document that guides all aspects of the ongoing growth and development of the city. The purpose of developing a Comprehensive Plan is to provide long-range strategic direction to the city’ s governing body, appointed boards, and administrative staff as they develop and implement projects, programs and policies that affect the city, its residents, businesses and community organizations. As a “living document” the Comprehensive Plan is intended to be updated on a regular basis, with planning periods typically covering a 10 year planning horizon in order to both ensure ongoing relevancy as well as to comply with statutory mandates for a full update of the plan every 10 years. At the 5 year point following the adoption of the plan, the city is also required by statute to perform a full review of the plan. The mandated reviews and updates help to ensure the relevancy of the information and guidance that the plan provides to the city, ensuring the plan’s ongoing relevance to the community.

Project Schedule

Project schedule is subject to change. Visit this page for updates.


Public Participation Opportunities


  • Breakfast Drop-In – January 14th, 9:30am to 11am at the American Legion Post, 602 Hampton Ave NW, Aiken, SC 29801
  • Public Hearings – to be announced


Draft Plan Document and Maps


How to Get Involved

  • Provide input any time by contacting the City of Aiken Planning Department at (803) 642-7608.
  • Stay tuned for additional public engagement meetings and opportunities for public comment on the draft Comprehensive Plan – anticipated to be scheduled for Spring of 2023


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