Water, Sewer & Stormwater

City of Aiken Water / Sewer Annexation Policy

In September 2016, the Aiken City Council amended the City’s annexation policy related to the provision of water and/or sewer services to properties outside the City limits, intended to promote annexation of properties located outside the City limits and reduce the number of county pockets (or “doughnut holes”) within the corporate limits.

Specifically, new owners of property outside the City limits needing to establish a new water and/or sewer account for that property are required to take one of two annexation actions prior to receiving water and/or sewer services based on their specific location. The annexation policy applies to two specific scenarios:

  1. Owners of property contiguous (touching) the City limits and receiving water and/or sewer; or
  2. Owners of property that is noncontiguous (not touching) the City limits and receiving water and/or sewer service.

For information on whether the property is contiguous, you can contact the Planning Department, or go to our online mapping application.

Contiguous Property

New owners of contiguous properties (properties touching the City boundary) requiring a new water and/or sewer account are required to complete an petition for annexation and submit the executed document to the Planning Department prior to receiving the requested City service. This document starts the annexation process which requires a Planning Commission public hearing and two readings of an ordinance and approval by the City Council. The process takes approximately two months.

Non-Contiguous Property

New owners of non-contiguous property (properties not touching the City boundary) requiring a new water and/or sewer account are required to execute an Annexation Agreement with the City prior to receiving the requested service. The Annexation Agreement states that if/when your property becomes contiguous to the City limits, then the owner will petition the City for annexation. Please contact the Planning Department for more information on this process.


There are two exemptions to the annexation policy.

  1. If a renter of property applies for a new water and/or sewer account, the policy does not apply; and
  2. If the new account application is the result of a transfer of ownership between spouses, then the policy does not apply.


To access the related forms online, please visit https://edoc.cityofaikensc.gov/weblink/0/fol/224523/Row1.aspx; or contact the City Planning Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my property has access to City water or sewer?

Please visit the City of Aiken Finance Department in person at 111 Chesterfield Street South or by calling 803-642-7603.

Does the policy apply to residences and businesses?

Yes, the policy applies to all properties eligible for water/sewer.

If I petition to annex, does that mean I will actually be annexed?

Annexation is at the discretion of the City Council. Specifically, the policy reserves the right to not annex industrial properties.

What do I need to execute an Annexation Agreement or Petition for Annexation?

You will need the appropriate form, obtained from the Planning Department or city website, as well as a copy of the deed to the property.