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City of Aiken Short-Term Rental Property Information

The City of Aiken is beginning to discuss short-term rental properties. Like many municipalities across the country and state, we as a City are seeing a rise in the popularity of short-term rentals. Short-term rentals are defined as rentals that are less than 30 days, such as those found on Airbnb and VRBO. Short-term rentals can positively impact a community but can also reduce needed long-term housing stock, raise house and rental prices, and affect the character of established neighborhoods. The goal is to bring together various stakeholders and community members representing cross sections of the community for input on short-term rentals in the City limits. This process will provide staff and elected officials input from the public to ensure the long-term vision for the community is met while providing opportunities for discussion and management.

 October 19th, 2023 City of Aiken Short-Term Rental Neighborhood Forum


Meeting Schedule

  • October 5th, 2023 – Business Forum
  • October 19th, 2023 – Neighborhood Forum



How to Get Involved

  • For more information, contact the City of Aiken Planning Department at (803) 642-7608
  • Stay tuned for additional public engagement meetings and opportunities for public comment

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