NAICS Business Classification Index

NAICS is a unique, all-new system for classifying business establishments. It is the first economic classification system to be constructed based on a single economic concept. Economic units that use like processes to produce goods or services are grouped together. This “production-oriented” system means that statistical agencies in the United States will produce data that can be used for measuring productivity, unit labor costs, and the capital intensity of production; constructing input-output relationships; and estimating employment-output relationships and other such statistics that require that inputs and outputs be used together.

NAICS is the first-ever North American industry classification system. The system was developed by the Economic Classification Policy Committee (ECPC), on behalf of the OMB, in cooperation with Statistics Canada and Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática (INEGI) to provide comparable statistics across the three countries. For the first time, government and business analysts will be able to compare directly industrial production statistics collected and published in the three North American Free Trade Agreement countries. NAICS also provides for increased comparability with the International Standard Industrial Classification System (ISIC, Revision 3), developed and maintained by the United Nations.

NAICS responds to increasing and serious criticism about the SIC. It reflects the structure of today’s economy in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including the emergence and growth of the service sector and new and advanced technologies. It is a flexible system that allows each country to recognize important industries below the level at which comparable data will be shown for all three countries.

The recognition of NAICS United States as the official classification system to be used by the U.S. statistical agencies is the culmination of a multi-year review by the ECPC of economic classifications, business data users, and future information needs. The publication in early 1999 of Economic Census data based on NAICS will provide the first glimpse of data based on the new system.

This index is not intended to be a complete listing of all types of businesses. It is an aid in finding classifications by common name and reference to the NAICS Code. All businesses not exempt by law which are in the major groups or sectors listed under each rate class are subject to a license tax whether found in the alphabetical index or not. The License Official shall determine the proper classification of a business not listed.

NAICS Code Rate Class NAICS Sector Description
11 2 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
21 4 Mining
221 8 Electric Utilities (Except Cooperatives)
221121 7 Electric Cooperatives
2212 8 Gas Utilities
2213 1 Water and Sewage Systems
23 8 Construction (All types)
31-33 2 Manufacturing (All types)
42 1 Wholesale Trade (All types except junk)
423930 8 Recyclable Material, Junk
44-4 2 Retail Trade (See type)
4411 8 Automobile Dealers
4412 8 Other Motor Vehicle Dealers and Farm Machinery
4413 1 Automotive Parts, Tire Stores
442 1 Furniture and Home Furnishings
443 1 Electronics and Appliance Stores
444 2 Building Material, Garden Equipment and Supply
445 1 Food and Beverage Stores
446 1 Health and Personal Care Stores
447 1 Gasoline Stations
448 2 Clothing and Accessory Stores
451 1 Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, Music Stores
452 1 General Merchandise Stores
453 2 Miscellaneous Store Retailers
454 1 Non store Retailers (Except Peddlers)
45421 1 Vending Machines
45439 8 Peddlers (Direct Selling)
48 2 Transportation (Except Rail)
482 8 Rail Transportation
49 2 Warehousing and Couriers
511 3 Information, Newspapers, Publishers
512 3 Motion Pictures, Theaters, Production, Music, Recording
515 3 Radio and Television Broadcasting
519 4 Internet Publishers
5171 8 Telecommunications (Wired)
5172 8 Telecommunications (Cellular)
5175 8 Cable Television
5179 8 Other Telecommunications (Specialized Services)
518 2 Internet Service providers and Data Processing Services (Online)
522 4 Consumer Finance, Mortgage Brokers, Credit Card Issuing
(Except Banks and Pawnshops)
522298 8 Pawnshops
523 7 Security and Commodity Brokers
5241 2 Insurance Carriers
5242 2 Insurance Agencies (Except Brokers for non-admitted insurers)
525 7 Funds, Trusts and Other Financial Vehicles
53 7 Real Estate and Rental
54 7 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
55 4 Management of Companies and Enterprises
56 2 Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
61 3 Education Services
62 3 Health Care and Social Assistance
711 2 Arts, Sports and Promoters of Events
71119 8 Carnivals, Circuses
712 1 Museums, Historical Sites, Zoos, Gardens
713 3 Amusement and Recreation (Except coin-operated Machines and Gambling)
7131 8 Amusement Arcades (Except Gambling [Sec. 12-21-2720 (A)(1) and (2)])
7132 8 Non payout Amusement Machines [Sec. 12-21-2720(A)(3)]
713290 8 Bingo Halls, Parlors
713990 8 Billiard Parlor, Pool Tables
721 2 Accommodation, Hotel, Motel, Inn, Camp
722 1 Eating Places, Food Services, Restaurants, Caterers (Except drinking places)
72241 8 Drinking Places, bars (Alcoholic)
811 2 Repair and Maintenance Services
812 4 Personal Care, Barber, Beauty, Laundry
813 4 Membership Organizations
92 1 Public Administration