Doing Business in the City

Doing Business in the City of Aiken

The City of Aiken is an exciting place to start and operate a business. We have many resources to help you get started and be successful. Whether you plan to open a restaurant or launch a new biotech firm, the City of Aiken is ready to help you – we’re OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Aiken strives to offer quality services to residents and businesses throughout an extensive area around our city. While many cities find it difficult reaching a proper balance between the needs of residents and businesses, we are committed to improving that balance through innovative programs and discussions. We try to support business by helping business owners and employees meet their dreams for business success. Our philosophy is that any successful city is a partnership of business and residents within a framework supported by the services of the city. This section of our website includes information to help you to site, start and build your business in the City of Aiken.

We look forward to serving you as a partner, resident and successful business owner in this community.