City of Aiken Building Inspection Division

111 Chesterfield St. S • Aiken, SC 29801 • 803-642-7675

Welcome to the City of Aiken Building Inspection Division

The Building Inspection Division is responsible for ensuring that new construction, renovation, and other improvements to structures in the City of Aiken conform to the requirements of the International Building and Fire Code. To protect the public’s safety and the integrity of the property owner’s investment, the Division issues permits for construction to contractors who are properly licensed and then conducts on site inspections during construction to ensure code compliance. Upon completion of construction, the Building Official issues a Certificate of Occupancy to allow a building or residence to be permanently occupied.

The Building Inspection Division is also responsible for the ensuring that existing residential and commercial structures and their premises in the City of Aiken conform to the requirements of the International Property Maintenance Code and to City of Aiken codes that ensure public health, safety, and welfare. These codes also address structures that are substandard for living conditions or structures that are dilapidated and need to be demolished. The Division staff includes Property Code Enforcement Officers who enforce the code through prevention, detection, and investigation of potential property maintenance issues.

Please use the following contact information for your projects with the City of Aiken Building Inspections.

Permit and plan submittal:

  • for:
    • building and sub-permit applications (original submittals and revised applications)
    • site plans
    • construction plans
    • stormwater applications (collected for Engineering)
    • CO documents (such as air barrier form, manual j load calculations, duct test results, backflow reports, and flood elevation certificates)
    • permit application and plan review status requests

Inspection Scheduling:

Please submit inspection requests by 4:00 pm daily using the Building Inspection request line or by request email listed below. In most cases, inspections will be done within two business days, excluding holidays. Please be aware that conditions beyond our control could extend the inspection time frame beyond two business days.

  • Building Inspection request line: 803-642-7784 (leave a message – you will not receive a confirmation)
  • (you will not receive a confirmation email) for:
    • inspection requests by 4:00 pm for inspections within the next two business days.
    • required correction photos or documents (such as soil reports, engineer’s letters,manufacturer specs, etc.)

Inspections are normally conducted Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Therefore, work to be inspected must be ready by 10:00 am. If work to be inspected is not ready by 10:00 am, please call the main office line at (803) 642-7675 to cancel the inspection request.

The majority of time, we are unable to schedule specific times for an inspection. The number, type, and location of inspections, plus staffing level dictate daily how we arrange our inspection schedule. However, there are occasions when it is necessary for us to arrange a specific time to conduct an inspection. These inspections are done on a case by case basis and are arranged by staff and/or the Building Official.

Viewing Your Scheduled Inspection Date and Inspection Results:

You can access the Click2Gov Building Permits Portal directly using the link below and the permit (application) number on your permit. You do not have to create a new user account to view inspections/results.

If you have questions, please call the main office line at 803-642-7675.