City of Aiken Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

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City of Aiken Tourism Strategic Plan

The City of Aiken Tourism Strategic Plan covers development needs/trends, marketing campaign, funding analysis, and operational recommendations for tourism in Aiken that align Visit Aiken with industry standards as a Destination Marketing Organization. Implementation of the plan will help Visit Aiken achieve comprehensive and successful results in developing, enhancing, and sustaining the attractiveness of Aiken.

Visit Aiken has made great strides in the previous years, and Aiken is in a beautiful position to grow tourism. Continued efforts must be made to separate the D.M.O. functions from operational functions and align Visit Aiken with industry standards. Combining marketing efforts with Aiken County should be explored to lesson visitor confusion and the duplication of efforts. Continuing to build relationships within the community and industry should be a priority. As one of the primary functions of Visit Aiken, marketing needs to be further refined and continually assessed for ways to market more effectively. New digital assets, increased engagement in-market and online, and itinerary development are priorities. For continued growth, new products should be explored and developed. Some options are more upscale lodging, an equestrian center, and historical tours.

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