Boards, Commissions & Committees
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Welcome to the Boards, Commissions & Committees of the City of Aiken

Advisory boards, commissions and/or committees for the City of Aiken are generally standing bodies established by Aiken City Council and appointed by Council to provide ongoing citizen input to major policy areas. Appointments vary in length, and the terms are staggered to provide for continuity. The responsibilities of the members include:

  • Providing ongoing recommendations to City Council and staff concerning special program areas.
  • Holding public hearings to solicit community input on current issues.
  • Identifying issues that the advisory committee feels should be addressed by the City Council or staff.

In keeping with Aiken’s philosophy of citizen involvement, the City Council appoints citizens to commissions, committees, and boards to assist it in formulating city policy. The strength and success of the Aiken City Government is to a large degree reflective of the quality of service performed by these volunteers.

Within the City structure, Committees and Commissions equally serve and advise City Council.

Regular committee meetings are held according to an adopted schedule. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman. At least 48 hours’ notice of time and place of special meetings must be given, by the secretary or Chairman, to all members of the committee. All committee meetings are open to any member of the press or the public unless otherwise approved by the City Attorney or City Solicitor.