Water, Sewer & Stormwater

Agricultural 319 Grant Funds Available for Farms in Shaws Creek Watershed

Grant funds are available to help share the cost of conservation practices at farms in Shaws Creek Watershed (such as fencing livestock out of streams with alternative water sources, cross-fencing, stabilization of crop fields and orchards, heavy use areas and stream banks). These conservation practices will significantly reduce the amount of sediment, nutrients and bacteria entering the creeks and tributaries in Shaws Creek Watershed and ensure cleaner water and healthier ecosystems. Protecting water quality in Shaws Creek will also provide cleaner source water for the City of Aiken’s drinking water treatment plant.

The 319 grant will provide up to 75% cost share assistance for the installation of conservation practices on farms in Shaws Creek Watershed. Participation in the project is voluntary, and interested landowners should confirm with the map below that a farm is located in Shaws Creek Watershed and complete the following application. Any questions may be addressed to Ken Montgomery at 803-998-8494.

Download the Shaws Creek Application for Assistance