Water, Sewer & Stormwater

City of Aiken Water Billing Frequently Asked Questions

I need to speak with someone about my bill. Where do I find you?
Our billing office is located at 111 Chesterfield St. South. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:10 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (except for City-observed holidays). You may also call us at 803-642-7603 option 2.
How do I start/request services?

To have service set up with the City of Aiken, you may use the ‘Water Turn On/Off’ form on our website (https://edoc.cityofaikensc.gov/forms/waterservicerequest), or you may come by the office at 111 Chesterfield Street South. The online form can be found by choosing ‘Residents’ or ‘Business’ at the top of the home page. Then, under ‘Water/Sewer,’ choose ‘Water Turn On/Off.’ Service should be requested at least one full business day before the date that services are needed. Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri. 8:10am to 5:00pm.

Is there a turn on fee if service is transferred from one location to another?
Because a technician must travel to the property to read the meter on behalf of the account holder, a service fee is billed upon the opening of each account, even if 1.) the customer is already served by the City of Aiken at another address or 2.) the water at the requested address is already on for the prior customer. The non-refundable turn-on fee information was listed on the auto-reply email that you received from your online turn-on request for service. The current turn-on fee for inside city limits addresses is $30, and outside city limits addresses is $35. This fee is billed on the first statement generated for each address and is a one-time fee for the current consecutive term of the account.
How do I get a confirmation that you started services in my name?
We do not specifically send a confirmation of service. After we have processed your request for service and an account number has been assigned, you may contact us by phone at 803-642-7603 option 2 to receive that information. We will verify your identifying information and then provide your account number to you. If a printed copy of your account name/number and start date is required by your landlord, you must come inside our office at 111 Chesterfield St. South to make that request.
When will I receive my first bill?
Water/Utility bills are generated on the first of every month and are due by the 20th of that month. Our billing is in arrears, so you will use your service for more than a month before you are billed for it. Typically, it takes about 45 days from the start of service until your first billing is generated. Example: If you start your service on April 15, you could expect your first bill in June. The June 1 statement reflects services provided in April, then July’s statement reflects services provided in May, etc.
When is my bill due?
Your balance is due to be paid in full each month by the 20th.
Can I pay by phone?
Yes. You must first have your account number and payment method ready, and then call our office at 803-642-7603 and choose option 1.
How do I pay my bill online?

You will find the option for online payments on our website (https://click2gov.cityofaikensc.gov/Click2GovCX/) by choosing ‘Residents’ at the top of the home page, then under ‘Water/Sewer,’ choose ‘Online Billing.’ Choose ‘One Time Payment’ and continue to follow the prompts to process your payment.

Do you have a drive-thru or drop box?
Our drive-thru and drop box locations are located at the rear of our 111 Chesterfield St. S office and may be accessed by turning in from the Richland Avenue entrance. Payments accepted at the drive-thru MUST have the accompanying payment stub. Only cash and Check/money order are accepted in the drive-thru. Drop box payments MUST have the accompanying payment stub and are only accepted as checks or money orders. There is another drop box location at H. O. Weeks Recreation Center. It is available during their business hours.
What happens if I am unable to pay my bill on time?

Any balance remaining after 5 P.M. on the due date will be assessed a 10 percent penalty. If you have a balance from the prior billing cycle, you risk a disconnection of service after the 20th. Monthly billing is your notification to pay. No other notification will be made before disconnection.

How can I get a detailed copy of my bill?
We offer options for paper or e-billing billing. We mail/email a detailed copy of your bill each month to the address you have provided. If you need an additional copy, you may access that through your online account (instructions below) or come to our office at 111 Chesterfield St S. There is a fee of $2 per copy for those printed in our office.
Can I see my bill and account history online?

Yes. To view your bill online, you must first establish an account through our website at https://click2gov.cityofaikensc.gov/Click2GovCX/. From our homepage, choose ‘Residents’ at the top of the page, then under ‘Water/Sewer’ choose ‘Online Bill’, then ‘New User’. Create your own username and password and complete the form. Once submitted, you will receive an email from Click2GovCX@cityofaikensc.gov asking you to confirm your account. Follow the prompts in the email to complete your online account setup. Note: If you are a new customer with the City of Aiken and have not yet received a bill or do not yet know your account and route number, you may contact our office at 803-642-7603 option 2 for this information. Once you have your account and route number, you would sign in to your account with the email and password you provided during set-up and add your account info. Here are the instructions:

  • ​Click the ‘Select Account’ button on the left
  • ​Next click the ‘Manage Account’ button on the left
  • ​Next click on the ‘Add Account’ link. This link is in blue and located over on the right, in the second line of the text.

When your account has been added successfully and your screen has been refreshed, you will see several additional options for your account.

Can I have my bank account/card drafted to pay my bill automatically?

Yes. A recurring draft may be established to pay your bill. Automatic drafting takes place on the 10th of each month. This service is free of charge when drafting a checking account. However, our payment processor charges a fee (currently $2.25) for recurring payments processed by credit/debit cards. To establish this service, you may log in to your online account and enter the information under the ‘Auto Pay’ tab. Be aware that auto pay is not effective for the current billing cycle. You will need to pay your balance by the 20th of the current month to prevent late fees or disconnection of service. Your draft will take place on the 10th of the following month. (example: If it is April 28 when you set enter your auto payment information, the City has already run May bills; the next billing cycle is June. You will need to pay your April and May bills, and your auto-pay will take place on June 10 for the June billing. As an alternative to our online option, you may complete and provide the payment stub portion of your bill with your bank name, routing and account numbers, and your signature, along with a VOIDED check to our office. Be aware that this option takes two billing cycles to be in effect.

How do I change/update my auto pay information?
Auto-pay information can be changed by logging into your online account or in our 111 Chesterfield Street South office. To change it online, once you log into your online account, choose the ‘Auto Pay’ tab on the left side of the page. If you are enrolled by A.C.H., you will need to disable the current auto-pay information and re-enroll with the new auto-pay information after the current scheduled draft. If you are enrolled with a credit card, you can choose to ‘edit’ the information. A credit card change may be made any day except for the actual draft date.
My service has been interrupted because I was late paying my bill. How can I get my service restored?

Reconnection of service is a 2 step process. You must (1) pay your past due balance in full along with the service fee for reconnection/notification online through our website (https://click2gov.cityofaikensc.gov/Click2GovCX/) or come to our office at 111 Chesterfield St. South and (2) sign a Reconnection Waiver in order for your service to be restored. If you choose to pay online, you may use the option for one-time payment if you have not yet created a username and password for your account. You will find the ‘Reconnection Waiver’ on the website in the payment screen that says ‘View Fees’. If you miss this link and have already submitted payment, you may find the waiver by navigating back to our homepage, select ‘Residents’, then under ‘Water/Sewer’, choose ‘Reconnection Waiver’. Payments made by check are NOT accepted to restore service in disconnection status.

Are there agencies that provide financial assistance with paying my utility bills?

The City of Aiken accepts pledges from several local and state agencies that may be of assistance to you in paying your utility bills. You may contact them directly to discuss their particular agency requirements for assistance. NOTE: No portion of a pledge will be applied by the City of Aiken to a returned payment or returned payment fee.

ACTS (Area Churches Together Serving)

Aiken Barnwell Community Action

Christ Central

St Mary’s

If an agency helps me pay my bill, will my water be turned on even if they don’t agree to pay my entire past due balance?

The total amount needed to restore service includes the entire past due balance and a reconnection service fee. If an agency makes a pledge that does not cover that entire amount, it would be the responsibility of the customer to pay the remaining balance/fee required before we may reconnect water. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the customer to submit a Reconnection Waiver form once full payment has been paid/pledged to be considered for reconnection of service.

NOTE: No portion of a pledge will be applied by the City of Aiken to a returned payment or returned payment fee.

How do I discontinue water service?

To have service disconnected with the City of Aiken you may use the ‘Water Turn On/Off’ form on our website, call our office at 803-642-7603, option 2 or you may come by the office at 111 Chesterfield Street South. The online form can be found by choosing ‘Residents’ or ‘Business’ at the top of the home page and under ‘Water/Sewer’ choose ‘Water Turn On/Off’. Service should be requested at least 1 business day prior to the date that service is needed. Please provide a forwarding address so that we may reach you with your final billing statement. Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 8:10 am to 5 pm.

How is the sewer portion of my bill calculated?
Your sewer bill is based on your water consumption. Each year with the May billing, your monthly sewer consumption charge is re-averaged. This average is based on your water usage for bills dated February, March, and April (actual usage for the months of December, January, and February). You may actually be able to reduce your bill throughout the year by conserving your water use during these winter months.
I need my water shut off to make a repair or stop a leak. Who do I call?
During their hours of operation (Monday-Friday 7am-5pm), you may reach out to our Utilities Department at 803-642-7617. After business hours, you may call our Public Safety Department at 803-642-7620.
I had a leak that affected my water/sewer bill. Does the City have a policy that could help me?

Based on certain criteria, the City of Aiken has a policy that may help. All allowances are made in accordance with the following policies and are at the discretion of the Accounts Receivable Supervisor or Utility Billing Supervisor. All leak allowances reflect only adjustments to City of Aiken billing charges. No allowance is made in consideration of plumber’s charges.

  1. Senior Citizens (62 years old or older) may be given a leak allowance if they provide documentation that a repair has been made at their primary residence. The allowance will not clear the entire charge for leaking water but will instead divide billing overages between the City and the customer based on the customer’s average billing for that time period. If the sewer average portion of the bill is affected, a new average will be calculated and an adjustment made to the sewer portion of the bill.
  2. Residential customers (other than senior citizens) having one billing cycle reflecting water billed in excess of $500 may be offered an allowance if documentation of a repair is provided to the City of Aiken. In this case, customers will be asked to pay their average consumption for that monthly cycle plus the $500 limit. If the sewer average portion of their bill is affected, a new average will be calculated and an adjustment made to the sewer portion of the bill.
  3. Business customers having a leak may only be considered for an allowance to the sewer portion of their billing. No water portion of their billing may be adjusted.
What if I have a question or concern regarding my trash/recycling service?

You may send your inquiry/concern to Click2GovCX@cityofaikensc.gov. Your email will be forwarded to our Public Services Department, which handles the pickups and services for your City of Aiken garbage and recycling needs. A representative from that department will reach out to you. If you wish to contact them directly, they can be reached at 803-642-7613.

How could I obtain information regarding water usage, etc., other than my own account?

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act for South Carolina, to obtain records from any public governmental bodies, you may submit a request through our website (https://www.cityofaikensc.gov/government/freedom-of-information-fee-schedule/). From our homepage, select ‘Government,’ then choose FOIA to see all related information regarding requests. Any inquiries concerning FOIA requests should be directed to the City of Aiken Solicitor at 803-643-4777.