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City of Aiken Water & Sewer Rates

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Water service is provided by the City of Aiken. Residential rates are structured to encourage conservation, and the more water that you use, the higher the cost. The water of the City is taken from several different sources, including surface water, springs, and deep wells. The month of June is generally the highest period of water usage in Aiken. Your water bill is based on your consumption. The owners of the system, the residents of Aiken, do incur expenses when a service is connected or re-connected, and this expense is passed on to the customer through connection and tap fees. As you connect to the City’s lines, all work on private property must be paid for by the resident. The Residential Sewage Charge on your bill is based on two components: Every year The City of Aiken evaluates your water usage shown on your February, March and April water bill which is averaged and rounded. This becomes part of one component of your May through next April sewer rate.

New customers are set up with an estimate average of 800 cubic feet until their average is calculated.

  1. Sewage Charge (this is a charge for being connected to the sewer system). The rate is based on variables such as being in the city, out of the city, and water meter size. This can be seen in the table of Sewer Charges in this web section. Example: A residential house inside city limits with a 3/4 inch water meter $13.03.
  2. Sewer Water Consumption. This is figured each year from averaging the water usage from your February water bill, March water bill, and April water bill (which is December, January and February actual water usage). i.e. February bill is billing the water used in December, March bill is billing the water used in January, etc. The consumption average rounded is used for your sewage charge from the May bill through the next May bill. Example: The water consumption average was 8 as shown on your water bill as figured by the city. From the City of Aiken Water and Sewer Rates table sewer consumption in the city is $3.43 per 100 cubic feet (100 cubic feet is shown as 1 on your bill). So 8 x $3.43 = $27.44. When you add the two components: $13.03 + $27.44 = $40.47 which becomes your sewer charges per month until rates change by the city or a new average is calculated next May.

This is very fair way of figuring the sewer charge. The water used during the spring, summer and fall (watering grass, plants, washing the car, etc.) months does not incur higher sewer charges as sewer rates are figured on your December, January and February actual water usage.