Water, Sewer & Stormwater

City of Aiken Water & Sewer Billing

Effective April 1, 2015 the City of Aiken no longer connects services terminated for non-payment after hours. This means if payment is not received by 5 PM, water will not be reconnected until the next business day.

Water service is provided by the City of Aiken. Residential rates are structured to encourage conservation, and the more water that you use, the higher the cost.  The water of the City is taken from several different sources, including surface water, springs, and deep wells. The month of June is generally the highest period of water usage in Aiken. Your water bill is based on your consumption. The owners of the system, the residents of Aiken, do incur expenses when a service is connected or re-connected, and this expense is passed on to the customer through connection and tap fees. As you connect to the City’s lines, all work on private property must be paid for by the resident.

The City offers sewer service and treats sewage through the Horse Creek Valley Public Service Authority, operated by Aiken County. Different areas of the City may cost more or less to serve, however, the City applies a single rate for all homes inside the City. Your sewer bill is based on your water consumption. City Council recognizes that a great deal of the water that you use during summer months may not simply “go down the drain”, and into the sewer system. Your monthly sewer bill, therefore, is based on the average water consumption billed for the months of February, March and April with sewer consumption for residential use limited to a maximum of 2,400 cubic feet per month throughout the year. You may be able to reduce your bill throughout the year by conserving your water use during the winter months. Each new customer is charged an impact fee for sewer to pay for capacity in the sewer system, and a connection fee, to pay the actual connection costs. If you are converting from a septic tank, you may need to change the service lines to your home. New customers are set up with an estimate average of 800 cubic feet until their average is calculated. This will be at your expense through a plumber or other contractor of your choice. The actual costs for sewer and water services depend to a great deal on population density. Less-densely populated areas are expensive to serve, with non-city residents paying the full cost of these services to allow the City to recover these expenses.

City residents receive a discount on rates for water and sewer services. This discount typically is half of the full rate charged to non-residents. If you live outside of the City and wish to obtain City sewer and or water service, please contact the Planning Department.